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Be in control with real-time visibility

Real-time visibility

fewer check
rise in warehouse
carriers already
in the network

Sixfold key benefits

Higher customer satisfaction

Keep your customers informed where their order is and when it arrives. This will drive customer satisfaction and helps businesses to make customers happy.

Better on-time delivery

Due to the faster identification of problems, you can proactively manage your transports by exception – this leads to better on-time delivery, which also helps to reduce potential late fees.

Reduced goods movements

Better planning at the deck based on real-time ETA information helps to reduce the amount of good movements based on unforeseen delays.

Optimized monitoring

Share status updates and ETA with your customers – this reduces the time for check calls and your team can focus on more value-adding tasks.

Automated processes

Visibility information helps to automate many business processes like automated proof of delivery, invoices, or carrier quality reports.

End-to-end visibility

Sixfold reduces the cost and complexity of processes for everyone involved. Carriers and shippers make fewer check calls and can focus their efforts on exception management. End customers can plan ahead with full visibility over incoming shipments.

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