Predictive visibility for logistics providers

A network with over 120K carriers gives you immediate access to reliable real-time information about all your shipments that are on the road. Sixfold collects data from telematic systems via API and combines it with predictive analytics to generate the most accurate real-time status information & ETA calculation for your full truckload (FTL) or less than full truckload (LTL) transports.
Track your rail and ferry shipments together with your road shipments in a single platform. Sixfold can incorporate various legs across various modes of shipment’s journey into an end-to-end view from the initial pickup to the final destination.
Sixfold provides end-to-end visibility across your supply chain by incorporating multiple legs across various modes of a shipment’s journey into an end-to-end view from the initial pickup to the final destination. You receive real-time insights no matter if the shipment is carried on the road, with a ferry or by rail.
With ocean tracking information from our specialized partners we track your containers end-to-end: on the road, on the water, in the port — always providing status and ETA from one source and of consistent Sixfold quality.
Track air freight as our technology helps you gain real-time visibility into deliveries over API integrations. 
Our technology helps you gain real-time visibility into last-mile deliveries by API integrations.

Benefits in a nutshell


fewer check


less empty


fewer late fees
and penalties


reduced CO₂

Improved visibility and planning capabilities

Better planning at the deck based on real-time ETA information helps to reduce the amount of goods movements based on unforeseen delays.

Improved asset utilization

Get better profit per truck by reducing waiting and dwell times, minimizing empty miles between two trips, reducing unpaid demurrage and making more trips per months.

Improved performance experience

Be a first mover in the market and improve customer experience by having less unexpected delays or earlies and immediate control over deviations from planned route. This leads to lower risk and hence lower insurance costs.

Increased trust and credibility

Become a more valuable carrier, increase customer loyalty and win new business. Have better alignment with environmental goals and better compliance with the need to increase efficiency in logistics.

Automated processes

Based on the visibility information, a lot of processes can be automated, e.g. automated ePODs, triggering of carrier payment after automated delivery notice, or automated carrier quality reports.

Reduced CO₂ emissions

Track your routes, remove idle and empty loads resulting in driving efficiency.

Open Visibility Data API

API that gives simple access to visibility data to all authorized stakeholders of a transport.
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Fleet Viewer

The perfect tool to connect with your contractors and optimize your planning. Create a real-time overview across all trucks you are dispatching and subcontracting.

Subcontractor Management

Integrations with TMS and ERP data provide critical information to customers and shippers alike. Carriers know when the shipment is picked up and all relevant parties are kept up-to-date on the ETA.

TMS API integration

Sixfold integrates with carrier systems and telematics to minimize and streamline manual work. 

Telematics integration

Sixfold is partnering with the biggest telematics providers worldwide, covering more than 95 percent of the market.

Customer Portal

Share any shipment with your customer, showing details, ETA and status (delayed, early, or on time) that are always up to date. They’ll also see an approximate map position of the vehicle moving towards their facility.

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We’re serving your largest customers

We serve

the largest network of carriers

Our technology combines integrations with
transport management systems, truck telematics,
mapping data and predictive analytics into a state
of the art solution.


carriers already in the network


shipments processed yearly


telematics market covered


languages supported

Market-leading ETA prediction

Our proprietary machine learning algorithms yield 88% accuracy 6h before arrival, with 13 percentage point higher than the best competitor. Read more

Fastest time to Value

Besides zero set-up costs, widest network coverage, unlimited end-to-end service, and best-in-class product, costs are scaling with value by unmatched pricing model.

Visibility integration and beyond

We can integrate with any kind of ERP / TMS / IT setup and offer the most comprehensive end-to-end solution in the market together with Transporeon.

Biggest operations team in the market

Sixfold, together with Transporeon is delivering projects with ~250 people solely focusing on visibility ramp-up execution and ~120 colleagues purely dedicated to onboarding. 

Already in the network

“Increasing transparency helps in our daily business and improves Supply-Chain-Visibility a lot. To observe traffic, waiting times at borders and disruptions in the chain help us to organize more affectively. ”
Timo Neumeyer
Business Analyst, STI Freight Management
“After conducting an in-depth assessment including pilots with various vendors over the past months, we are convinced that Sixfold, with their best-in-class carrier onboarding, ETA, and AI capabilities, is best equipped to help us on our journey to go digital.”
Sidney Podday
Market Technology Manager, STI Freight Management
“With Sixfold we were able to gain full transparency of our operations, minimising check calls by 50 percent and reducing wait times by 20 per cent, giving us that competitive advantage so that we can focus on growing our operations and improving customer relations.”
Sandra Senulienė
Head of Key Account Management, Girteka Logistics

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