Real-time visibility for carriers

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End to end Visibility

Sixfold reduces the cost and complexity of processes for everyone. Carriers get fewer check calls, so you can focus on exception management, and customers can make plans knowing exactly where their incoming shipments are.

Customized notifications

Sixfold detects when the shipment has left the dock, makes the ETA and the truck’s route visible to all parties, and alerts them to possible delays.

Actionable analytics

Sixfold aggregates and rates the performance of your carriers, delivering priceless business intelligence. Armed with specifics and trends, you can compare the share of on-time deliveries for different carriers, or focus on specific timeframes or locations.

Connected customers

You can share any shipment with your customer with always up to date details, ETA and status (delayed, early or on time) — and an approximate map position of the vehicle moving towards their facility.

Full integration

Sixfold integrates with your TMS — be it Transporeon, OTM, SAP or some proprietary system.

Free for carriers

Sixfold provides carriers with free and simple tracking and transport execution tools. Absolutely no carrier fees!

Security in focus

Carrier data is safe and secure. Our system architecture is designed by an engineering team with expertise in building large-scale secure systems, Sixfold uses sophisticated algorithms that leverage the latest encryption techniques and are GDPR-compliant, while minimizing the need for a manual interaction from the carrier.

Advanced experience

Carriers experience is built around ease of use and fast onboarding. With Sixfold’s intuitive user interfaces, carriers can easily create custom reports to more tightly manage their own performance in this competitive capacity market.

Servers located in Germany

Sixfold provides high level of privacy protection. Your data will be protected by the highest standard and a 99.9% network uptime.

“Integration and going live with Sixfold was very fast and didn't require any effort on our side. Another service provider took several months for a similar integration. In comparison, Sixfold has managed within a few days.”
Jürgen Kniehl
Manager FTL/LTL Services, Fritz Gruppe
“Sixfold has unparalleled reach on the carrier market with 95,000 carrier companies in our network.”
Igor Krivosija
Carrier Relations Manager, Sixfold
“We have created a link with Sixfold for one of our clients. This was very simple and quickly realized. Our client is now able to follow every shipment, executed by Van der Werff Logistics, in real time.”
Jelle Lei
Application Engineer, Van der Werff Logistics

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