Real-time visibility for shippers

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ETA calculation

Ongoing calculation of the estimated time of arrival (ETA), taking into account traffic, weather, driver breaks, self-learning algorithms and more.


Sixfold detects when the shipment has left the dock, makes the ETA and the truck’s route visible to all parties, and alerts them to possible delays.

Actionable analytics

Sixfold aggregates and rates the performance of your carriers, delivering priceless business intelligence. Armed with specifics and trends, you can compare the share of on-time deliveries for different carriers, or focus on specific timeframes or locations.


You can share any shipment with your customer with always up to date details, ETA and status (delayed, early or on time) — and an approximate map position of the vehicle moving towards their facility.

Full integration

Sixfold integrates with your TMS — be it Transporeon, OTM, SAP or some proprietary system.

Servers located
in Germany

Sixfold provides high level of privacy protection. Your data will be protected by the highest standard and a continuous network uptime.

Delivery confirmation

Immediate notification of successful shipment delivery enhances shipper and carrier processes; it is also useful for customers receiving goods at multiple sites

Real-time GPS position

Live tracking and map display of vehicle and shipment geo-positions for an end-to-end overview of status and progress.

Automated data collection

Effortless, automatic collection and transmission of data from the telematics system or TMS replaces time-consuming manual processes and eliminates human error.

“Real Time Visibility by Sixfold was the last missing piece of the puzzle. Now we can track the entire supply chain digitally, from pickup at the factory to unloading. ”
Jens Püttmann
Manager of Logistics, Deutsche Rockwool
“Sixfold has built out a revolutionary platform that makes ongoing shipments traceable, delivery and pickup times predictable .”
Thomas Einsiedler
Chief Product Officer, Transporeon

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