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Sixfold Partners Up with Transporeon, the Largest Logistics Network in Europe

Real time visibility

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Sixfold key features

Configurable shipment alerts

Alerts and notifications about predicted delays can be sent to authorized parties

ETA calculation

Ongoing calculation of the estimated time of arrival (ETA), taking into account traffic, weather, driver breaks, self-learning algorithms and more

Automated data collection

Effortless, automatic collection and transmission of data from the telematics system or TMS replaces time-consuming manual processes and eliminates human error

Automatic status messages

Real-time status updates are displayed and transmitted, enabling proactive response and rapid conflict resolution; these automatic messages are triggered as soon as the truck enters or leaves the predefined geofence

Realtime GPS position

Live tracking and map display of vehicle and shipment geo-positions for an end-to-end overview of status and progress

Delivery confirmation

Immediate notification of successful shipment delivery enhances shipper and carrier processes; it is also useful for customers receiving goods at multiple sites

Visibility is valueable

Your business could be even more effective and profitable with Sixfold. See how much.

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