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Open Visibility Data

Share your visibility 

with just one click

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What? Share your real-time visibility data freely and openly with your shippers or goods recipients no matter which visibility platform or TMS these stakeholders are using.

Why? Visibility data needs to be freely exchanged between networks as various stakeholders are inevitably customers of different visibility platforms thus maximizing the value for all participants of the supply chain.

How? We launched Open Visibility Data — an API that gives simple access to visibility data to all authorized stakeholders of a transport. Just contact and we will make this happen.

How does it actually 


Simple & standard API

Generate a separate API key for each of your customers by requesting all ongoing transports for that particular shipper.

ETA & current location for each shipment

Ongoing calculation of the estimated time of arrival (ETA) using self-learning algorithms that take into account traffic, weather, driver breaks and much more.

Separate access for each customer

Automatic collection and transmission of your customer's RTV related data. Granting your customer access is effortless and can be done in a self-service way.

You stay in control

Real-time updates are automatically activated during your customer's transport based on Sixfold's intelligent geofencing algorithms.

Example API 

key — try it!

GET Authentication: Bearer  2f80f11d45f488043f592b1bb2c6d5446d0ccc0bc27200bb9c03807e3ba47179

Already using Sixfold? Access your Open Visibility Data now

Every carrier on Sixfold can access and share their Open Visibility Data. To get started, contact us and let’s get you up and running.

Contact us for access