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Sixfold partners up with Transporeon, the largest logistics network in Europe

Logistics platform Sixfold has been chosen as the exclusive visibility provider by Transporeon — the largest logistics network in Europe. Transporeon facilitates 50,000 shipments daily and is used by 1,500 shippers globally, including industry leaders in production and retailing.

Sixfold is working on a solution which makes shipments visible to all the parties of the supply chain. So far visibility has been available only for the carrier — and even then only across their own fleet. All other parties have relied on repetitive checkup calls for planning.

Märt Kelder, one of the founders of Sixfold: “For years we’ve been able to track as consumers the shipment of our goods from internet stores. Industries with their large and expensive loads haven’t had a similar option for automatically tracking cargo and predicting its ETA — estimated time of arrival. All this has been remedied with heavy use of phones and faxes so far.”

Interest for an innovative, automated solution is considerable on the market — it could help optimize the whole supply chain and reduce costs significantly. Sixfold matches shipments created in Transporeon (or any other) network with the location data of the truck and makes this info available to the shipper and their customer. Thereby all parties receive info about delays early and can act upon it in advance and adjust their plans.

The first shippers and carriers on Transporeon network have already access to the solution as pilot customers. Over the next few months service will be developed considerably further and the circle of pilot customer will be growing.

About Sixfold

Sixfold helps industrial scale shippers and carriers receive accurate delivery estimates and see where their shipments are in real time. Carriers seamlessly integrate their telematics systems with Sixfold platform, which then in turn lets trusted shippers know where their shipments are and when they will arrive — with zero manual work from either of the parties. Sixfold is established by experienced Austrian and Estonian IT entrepreneurs and is financially backed by TPG, one of the largest private equity companies in the world. More info:

About Transporeon

Transporeon is one of the leading logistics platforms in the world, empowering different parties of the supply chain to manage their logistics processes as a whole. Established in 2000 in Germany, Transporeon serves 100 000 users across 1500 shippers and 65 000 carriers with three market leading products — TRANSPOREON for transportation execution, TICONTRACT for strategic sourcing of logistics services and MERCAREON for time slot management in retail distribution centers. More info: